How can time freedom, personal freedom, and financial abundance CHANGE your life?

My pivot from an employee to an entrepreneur has been a dream that turned into a beautiful reality that is uniquely my own…

Hi friend!

I'm Casandra Reid

Like you, I have a story and a journey to share. One that I hope will serve as inspiration for what you can accomplish when you pursue your goals with enough tenacity and grit.

You see, a very long time ago, I stumbled upon someone’s dream of a career in corporate, and adopted it as my own. Truthfully, I was an island girl from picturesque Jamaica who was making the ranks in America, so what dare I complain about?

Besides, I was immensely blessed beyond my wildest imagination and grateful for the opportunities I had at my fingertips. But can gratefulness and being blessed coexist amongst unease? 

Because there were times (honestly, more often than not) when I felt like an outsider and was convinced that a corporate lifestyle wasn’t for me. It was such that included dreary cubicles, mundane schedules, endless back-to-back meetings (some double booked), and tear-inducing, hour-long commutes. 

The bait?

A lucrative, total compensation package with exceptional benefits and much growth potential, alongside job security with my local government. I felt I had it made, so I adopted this white-collar lifestyle as if it were my own and stifled my unease.

All the while, I became a corporate camouflage, a misfit of sorts. I settled in nicely for over a decade and lived a dream I knew wasn’t my own.

But the more infuriating my commutes got, alongside soul-draining meetings, the more I desired to own my time where I could earn on my terms and be home to care for my kiddos. 

Of course, they were well cared for by their dad and grandmas at various times, but as their mom, I wanted to be there. Departures were excruciating in the mornings, many of which I drove away with tear-filled eyes and equally crying babies.

Indeed, I wanted to earn a livelihood and maintain financial independence, but not at the expense of missing out on precious moments and milestones with my children. 

Something needed to change, and this recognition mobilized me to chart a course that was all mine.

I got honest with myself. The year was 2019.

I became a driven and enthusiastic visionary; determined to make a notable impact on the world, improve the lives of others, and live a life of my design. I would earn…on my terms. 

I became hungry for time, location, and financial freedom.

Nevertheless, my time in corporate would not be wasted as over the years, I honed my craft and became the best at it.

Having 15 years as a Human Resources professional, my expertise lies in conducting city-wide training, facilitating Train-the-Trainer workshops, leading diverse teams, overseeing department-wide learning and development programs, conducting career coaching, performing resume deep-dives, chairing selection interview panels, and hiring top talent.

As the founder of Employee to Entrepreneur ACADEMY,  I cracked the code in my pivot from employee to entrepreneur and became my own success story. These days, I help other corporate professionals monetize their knowledge and pivot from their careers into owning their businesses.

I bask in the luxury of time freedom, and location independence while progressing towards financial freedom.

I get excited designing my days around a family-friendly schedule that allows me to enjoy school drop offs and timely pickups with my heart throbs.

My family enjoys travelling 2 to 3 times per year. I have taken back the reins of my life through a deliberate and strategic pivot from an employee to a business owner. 

Like me, you too, can chart a path that is uniquely yours, and I can show you how. Will you join me on this entrepreneurial journey, where you get to be in the driver’s seat of your life? 

I’m excited to see how I can help you rewrite your authentic script and begin living your one beautiful life… on your terms.

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