The purposeful, passionate, and profitable blueprint to monetize your knowledge, pivot from your 9-5, and create a life and business you 100% love on your terms

2-Month Business Creation Program with BONUS Done-For-You Content

Employee to Entrepreneur Academy will guide you through every step to create a profitable business around what you already know — thus monetizing your knowledge and enabling you to pivot confidently from an employee to a thriving entrepreneur

Each of the five modules has been designed to help you with: 

1. Mastering the Mindset for Success: You will clarify your big “WHY” for becoming an entrepreneur, learn to work through fear and self-doubt, and cultivate a growth mindset that empowers you to conquer challenges. 

Your WHY will be your north star, guiding every decision you make and serving as the driving force behind your entrepreneurial journey.

 2. Discovering Your Entrepreneurial DNA: I will help you unearth your inner entrepreneur through my revolutionary PIE Framework by tapping into your passions, interests, expertise, and strengths.

3. Crafting Your Irresistible Brand: You will learn the art of branding, ensuring your business stands out and connects deeply with your target customers by using effective storytelling techniques.

4. Navigating the Practicalities of Business: Starting and operating a successful business requires business planning, market research, and competitive analysis. I will help you develop a comprehensive business strategy that will serve as your roadmap to your success.

5. Marketing and Launch Strategies: This last module will focus on getting the word out about your business and setting the stage for a successful launch.

Do you yearn to have time freedom, location independence, and financial abundance?

Are you a working mom, a corporate career professional, or an aspiring woman entrepreneur?

If you answered yes to these questions, read on, my friend.

The resources on this page were crafted specifically with you in mind.

I once checked all three profiles as follows:

  • A Working Mom
  • A Corporate HR Professional
  • An Aspiring Entrepreneur

And more than anything, I wanted full autonomy over my days.

 The more I yearned to be in the driver’s seat of my life, the more I became a corporate misfit. I was no longer thriving, but simply enduring.


Hence, after years of being silently unsettled in my career, having had one too many hour-long commutes and needing to enroll my kiddos in an after-care program because I was not available to pick them up from school on time, I called it quits to the:

  • Corporate Charade
  • Compulsory Commutes
  • Cubicle Life 
  • Calendar Invites

I pledged to earn on my terms and create a life I 100% love. 

A life that would allow me to decide what time I wake up (alarm-free), what tasks I work on, whom I work with, where I work from, and how much I get paid while having the flexibility to be available for my kiddos.

Employee to Entrepreneur ACADEMY is not only the story and journey of my life but it is also my blueprint gift to you to help you pivot and create a digital business that allows you to live and earn on your terms.





Learn how to monetize your knowledge, determine how much you get paid, and create a life of freedom and flexibility on your terms.

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